In 2009, Design for Change was born out of the conviction that children are not helpless, that change is possible and the belief that they can drive it.

By using a simple 4 step framework FIDS (FEEL-IMAGINE-DO-SHARE), children have designed solutions for some of THEIR greatest challenges! Over the last 10 years, Design for Change has received over 30,000 solutions by children from over 65 countries which have addressed 10 Global Goals that have changed a million lives!

Today, to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji, Design for Change has curated some of the boldest, most easy to replicate solutions that can be taken to SCALE. This MARKETPLACE OF SOLUTIONS invites you to become an IMPACT CHAMPION and help change a billion lives!

How can I become an Impact Champion?

Anyone interested in contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals can become an Impact Champion! This marketplace is a unique opportunity to leverage your capacity, bandwidth & capabilities to SCALE the solutions that the children have designed. You simply pledge to take one or more of the solutions from this Marketplace in space, company, schools or your country. There is no minimum or maximum time period for you to scale the solution, so long as you are making an impact!

    Pick the solution that addresses the key issues in your region and implement it with your local community
    Select the goal and solution that most aligns with your CSR strategy and implement it through your employees
    Choose the solution that best caters to the needs of your school or network of schools and implement it with your children and teachers
    Take the solution that is closest to your heart or your mission and implement it in your communities and homes

It takes 3 easy steps to start

  • 1
    Get inspired by watching how the children behind the solutions went through the FEEL, IMAGINE, DO, SHARE process to create a positive impact in their local community.
  • 2
    Implement Change
    Choose from the various options we have offered to contextualise and take the solution to SCALE
  • 3
    Document the process to measure the IMPACT!

    The Design for Change country partner will be delighted to be on this journey of impact with you so feel free to reach out to them for any help as they will be there to support you throughout. Click here to find details of DFC partner in your country. Below are a few example steps to show what scaling a project might look like:

    Step 1 - Choose your Global Goal and pick a solution
    Step 2 - Choose the team that will be implementing
    Step 3 - Identify your impact place / area
    Step 4 - Start implementing and recording
    Step 5 - Upload evidence

Are you ready ?

Choose your Goal